Organic culture: wine, oil, cereals.

For more than six centuries, these hills have always been home to vineyards and fine grapes.

Our mission is to maintain an ethic of respect for the values of the past, centered on supporting nature and defending the plant and the soil.

We have been growing and producing completely organically for many years now, thanks also to the extraordinary and unique conditions found only on this gentle hillside south of monte subasio.

The richness of the terroir and microclimate create optimal conditions for transmitting the necessary nutrients to the grapes, giving us many different varieties of grapes with unique taste and quality. The wind plays a fundamental role in our work, thanks to the constant breeze in our area the vineyards are kept healthy, limiting the proliferation of diseases favoured by humidity.

The harvest is carried out entirely by hand, the bunches are selected and placed in small crates, limiting the stress on the fruit and preserving the organoleptic properties intact.
The pressing takes place within two hours of the harvest, avoiding overheating of the musts, thus controlling them only in our barrels at a constant temperature.