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The Chapel

Welcome to San Lorenzo Chapel

San Lorenzo Chapel is  a very little church dating back to the 14th century established by some Franciscans friars. The church is famous for being the center of the Franciscan preaching activity of Angelo Clareno and his entourage of friars, forming the community of the Clareni. Angelo Clareno was a very devoted pupil of San Francesco and in particular very devoted to the most orthodox of his teaching.


Angelo Clareno, together with his follower, they founded 23 convents in the Umbria region and in the Marche region. The little San Lorenzo Church remained their main place of worship until the end of the 16th century.

Later, the church became property of the aristocratic Barnabo family.  Among their member there was a patron  who sponsored the making of the Madonna Del Cardellino made by Raphael.

Our Family has been managing this property for more than 50 years, our main objective was to protect and safeguard the beuaty, the magic and the spirit of this place.