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Wine and Olive oil

In our philosophy, the production of wine is connected to the wine tasting experience.

Our Company, our home, is not a closed environment in a warehouse. It is a work in progress production, open to suggestions, new ideas, new cultures.

All of our production is made following the strict rules of biological production.
In San Lorenzo we produce a total of 9 different wines and a an Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


For over six centuries on these hills have always flourished vineyards and matured precious grapes.
Our mission is to maintain an ethic of respect for the values ​​of the past, centered on supporting nature and defending the plant and the soil.
We have been cultivating and producing completely organically for many years thanks also to extraordinary unique conditions, typical only of this soft hill located south of Mount Subasio. The richness of the terroir and microclimate create the optimal conditions to transmit the necessary nutrients to the grapes, giving us many varieties of different grapes with a unique taste and quality.
The wind plays a fundamental role in our work, thanks to the constant breeze of our area, the vineyards remain healthy, limiting the proliferation of diseases favored by humidity.
The harvest is carried out entirely by hand, the harvested bunches are selected and placed in small boxes, limiting the stress of the fruit and keeping the organoleptic properties intact. The pressing takes place within two hours of harvesting, avoiding overheating of the musts, thus controlling them only in our barrels at a constant temperature.

Starting from this public act of 1375, the vocation of the vineate lands of San Lorenzo di Rapecchiano is certified.

Foligno 1375 May 20, a plot of land in the word Rapecchiano, borders, among other things, with the property of the monastery.

Section of the state archive, notary archive, Giovanni Germani deeds 1374-1377

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Our flagship is the San Lorenzo Red Wine, we started this kind of production back in 1998.

Today the San Lorenzo red wine is made out of three different grapes, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc  and Petit Verdot.

A very elegant and polished Sauvignon, the San Lorenzo White Wine. The “barbatelle”  come directly from Montpellier

Umbria Region is well know all over the world for our Olive Oil production.
In San Lorenzo we made the Millenario, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced by centuries-old Moraiolo olive trees.
The olives are picked at the end of the year, when the olive live did not turn black yet, starting in October.



Olive oil

Millenario is the name chosen for our extra virgin olive oil, for a thousand reasons, but above all to relate to the time element to which we are all subjected which in nature imposes the rules, cycles and life. Respect for Time is at the center of our work, centuries-old plants that punctually complete their cycle every year, flowering, ripening, harvesting, resting. For millennia it has been like this .. we just have to humbly perform, respect, exalt what time and nature do so well. Millennial The cultivars of our olive groves are Leccino, Frantoiano, and mainly Moraiolo. These three cultures allow a perfect balance of flavors and smells, which are enhanced by our company oil mill with extraction in Sinolea, strictly cold. This extraction method allows to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of high quality. Harvesting takes place from the end of September with pneumatic rakes; the olive brought very fresh to the company mill and then immediately ground, thus ensuring a unique freshness of the product.