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Wine and Olive oil

In our philosophy, the production of wine is connected to the wine tasting experience.

Our Company, our home, is not a closed environment in a warehouse. It is a work in progress production, open to suggestions, new ideas, new cultures.

All of our production is made following the strict rules of biological production.
In San Lorenzo we produce a total of 9 different wines and a an Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our flagship is the San Lorenzo Red Wine, we started this kind of production back in 1998.

Today the San Lorenzo red wine is made out of three different grapes, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc  and Petit Verdot.

A very elegant and polished Sauvignon, the San Lorenzo White Wine. The “barbatelle”  come directly from Montpellier

Umbria Region is well know all over the world for our Olive Oil production.
In San Lorenzo we made the Millenario, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced by centuries-old Moraiolo olive trees.
The olives are picked at the end of the year, when the olive live did not turn black yet, starting in October.